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Inzest Interview

1.First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in inzest?

maggo: hello!! i´m doing good, thx! so, we have to say welcome to our new second guitarist stefan!

he´s doing a realy good job and we a glad to work with him in future.

finally our original blastmachine returnet after a short break, so lets start playing brutal musick again!! ha ha ha...

2.Your last album was great.How did fans reacted?

maggo: thank you very much!! we are proud about that album because it was fukking much work!we get a lot of great reactions from our fans and on every concert the people going crazy!!

it´s really cool that people like to see the austrian deathmetal tank rollin! :-)

3.Did you begin working on a new album?

maggo: we´re working on two new albums, in the next days we start to record a "re-mix album" of old songs like fear factory has donebut with more balls of brutal metal inside ha ha ha...

we will use more industrial sounds on this re-mix cd but no pure techno shit,we keep the brutal style but we try to give the old songs some more extremely noise feeling!
be patient, you will hear it soon!!

at the same time we are writing new songs for our "really" new album. we start to record a pre production of the new songs and we try to finished it till the begining of 2011 and i hope the the re-mix album will be released in autum 2010.

4.Any live shows?

maggo: we only play some singel shows at this time because we we want to finished the two new albums! after that we will be back on the road and we will go on tour in 2011.

5.How did you record your album?

maggo: we record the "grotesque new world" album in the volcano studio in austria (tirol) and thze mix and mastering was at the stage one studio of andy classen (belphegor, disbelif, legion of the dammed....) it was a amazing time to work with some realy professionell guys!!

the new album will be recordes in the mirror studio of our new guitarist stafan and for mix and mastering we will see.... maby we´ll going again to andy classen.

6.return to the early days of inzest.How did you get started?

maggo: we start in 2004, at this time no one knows anything about deathcore and the hype we got today.

we gave the name to our style because we try to mix brutal deathmetal with some oldschool hardcore influences.

at this time i do not know anything about bands like dipised icon or something.

7.Your name really SİCK:D lol How did u find ?

maggo: it was much time before the hole "fritzl" story shocked the world, i´m sure you heard about this freak!? it´s easy, we all live in tirol and there are a some small villages like "trins" and "axams" and so on ha ha ha.... and there live so many freaking inzest people so we called our band like the hobbys of the people who live there :-D only joking!!

we search for a name who everybody can remind if they heard it the first time and we want a provoking name to show the people "he, this shit really happens"

we are totaly against this hole child abused bullshit!!!

8..which bands do you receive inspiration from?

maggo: for me it´s bands like "pantera" or some oldschool hardcore bands like "blood for blood" but also modern bands like "fear factory" it´s diffrent.

9.can you describe your sound and music?

maggo: i woukd say a mix of bruatl deathmetal and extreme hardcore music. but we try to sound not like the hole american deathcore bands. we do our own original austrian deathcore thing :-)

10.Which songs you enjoy most on stage?

maggo: it´s "skinstripped" i think it´s one of the best songs we´ve written till now. you can watch our video on youtube. enjoy it!!!

11.What's your favorite band?know any band from turkey?

one of the best and extreme live performents i´ve ever seen was hatebreed. it was so fukking brutal and the moshpit was amazing.

yes i know some bands from turkey:

the old hardcore band "radical noise" and "uck grind" i have played with the guys of "uck grind" last year in istanbul with my other band "mastic scum" it was so amazing to play in istanbul and the people going totaly crazy.

i hope to come back to istanbul the next time with inzest!!! by the way: serefeeeeee!!!! to tanju from "uck grind"!!!

12.Are u affected any thrash metal bands?

maggo: i dont listen do much thrash bands but i like bands like hatesphere.

13.in your opinion,any future about deathcore?

maggo: i think this hype will go as fast as it came. dont get me wrong, i like bands like dispised icon or bring me the horizon but im getting sick about band whos doing thrash metal today and tomorow they play deathcore because everyone listen to it and it´s the hype in that moment. stay true to your self and do your own thing!!

14.in your opinion death metal must be satanic?

maggo: i like satanic deathmetal bands but i dont think that death metal must be satanic. there so much great deathmetal band who dont use satanic images.

15.what's your favorite movies?

maggo: the one and only: "guest house paradiso"!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha... go and watch this film!!!!

16.Do you like to eat Haribo?

maggo: yeah, but only the evil black ones!! :-P

The fast as fuck section

heaven shell burn: amazing band and also one of the best cd´s from marduk!

Death Metal: blastbeats, sex and cocain!!!

Mortician: zombie apocalyps!

Gore: braindead!

Sick Fantasies: i cant tell you that! no way ha ha ha...

Golden shower: hmmmm....why not?

gut: i like gore and porn grind!

German thrash metal legend: kreeeeatorrr!!!!

Haribo:-) evil!!!

17.Do you want to say someting for turkish fan?

maggo: i hope to come to turkey with inzest to destroy the stages there!! youre one of the best crowd if ever seen at a concert!! hope to see ya soon again!! stay bruatl!!!

thanks for interview and we keep up with inzest

maggo: thank you very much for your support!!!

stay true to your self!!!

blasting greetz from fukking austria!

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