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Funeral Rape Interview

1.First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in Funeral Rape?

LF:Hi! The news are not good news... Assmasher, the other founding member of Funeral Rape, leaves the band two weeks ago. Now we're in search of a new bassist... Concerning the new album, I listen that a lot of people like it, and I'm very glad of that.

2.Your last album is really great one.How did you record it ?

LF: We record it in a few month during spring of 2009 at Brainstorm Studio, near Monza. We dedicate more importance to the drums recording and to the sound that, in my opinion, results more aggressive and more gloomy towards the other albums.
Moreover, with the coming of Madcock in 2008, we have added more brutality to the songs riffing.

3.How about fans react?We fucked it.

LF: By now, a lot of fans say that this new album is the great one, and I appreciate they like our work.

4.Any live shows for funeral rape?

LF: We will have a live show on the 29th of March, with other italian grind band near Bologna. That will be the last show with Assmasher. After that, he will leave the band cause too many difference about musical choice.

5.You album cover is so sexual.Fuck in coffin SO lustly...Who did it?

LF: The album cover of Porn Afterlife is made by our friend and great singer Jack Off of italian band 2 Minuta Dreka. Did you know them?

6.How did you record it all? Did you go to a studio? Did production cost a lot? Can you describe some of your recording techniques if possible? Is recording a difficult or easy process for you guys?

LF: The production total cost about sounds takes approximately 500 euro. The production of Cds and cover is made by Will Rahmer and I don't know how much does he spent.
About recording techniques, I can only say that we work recording on separate tracks, first the drums, then the bass and guitar (on 2 lines) and then the 2 voices. After that we spent usually 2 day in studio to mix all. It's not an hard process, usually the worst day is for recording drums.. it need more precision!

7.Do you have stuff like new Split Ep's planned in the near future?

LF: No, but we will be glad if some band with serious intentiont would like to make a split with us. In the past, someone make us spending a lot of money for splits Ep never realized. Now we want to work only with serious people and not with rip-off.

8.Can you describe your sound and music?

LF: It's difficoult for me to find the words to describe our sound. I think it's like the soundtrack of an orgy with whores, horses and famous pornstars.

9.which bands do you receive inspiration from?

LF: We're influenced by various bands, so you can find in our music different reference. We usually receive inspiration from bands like Mortician, CBT, Anal Cunt, The Berzerker, Macabre, Brujeria

10.You are working with redrum record.This is Fantastic.How did you contact with Will or Roger?

LF:We're in contact with Will Rahmer and we work with him since 2004, with “A Chainsaw in the Cunt”. He is a great supporter of underground music as well as a very loyal and honest person.

11.Return to the early days of FUneral rape.How did you get started?

LF: In 2003 we were just three guys with a great passion for porn and grind, watching a lot of harcore movies since to decide to create an irriverent and shocking band. Now 2 of the founding member are gone, but the spirit of Funeral Rape are the same.

12.What's your favorite band? know any band from Turkey?

LF: It's impossible to mention only a single band. I like very much Mortician, Macabre and CBT, but also Death, Deicide and Obituary

13.Your lyrics contains mostly about gore and sick and in your opinion death metal must be satanic?

LF:Our lyrics talk about rape, gore, orgy and all of more pervert world can give us. I don't believe, I'm a true atheist. When we'll die, we'll go to nowhere. I don't believe in god rather than satan, so I don't like the religions at all. Every reference to religion in our lyrics, are only to fuck around the believers.

14.What do you think about usa and europe death-grind?

LF: I think that in both scenes there are great band, but i prefer the european scene.

15.What is your favorite movies?

LF:Very difficoult question. I'm a horror movie and zeta-movie collector since a was a little kid. I have thousands of movie in my house. I like all the Carpenter's movies, Texas Chainsaw, Cronenberg's movies, Romero's movies, movies with Lorenzo Lamas, movies with Steven Seagal, movies with zombies, the Saw saga, the Phantasm saga, Violent Shit saga, German ultra gore and many others, i can't list all. In my personal myspace you can find a list of my favourite!

16.What is your favorite porn actress?

LF: Very difficoult too. I like Kobe Tai, Sasha Grey, Eva Thurman, Sandy Sweet, Sophie Moone, Kelsey Michaels, Leah Luv... and many others.

17.Do you like to watch Joe D'Amato movies?

LF: I love Joe D'Amato. My favourite movie is “Antrophogous”, and “Rosso Sangue”. I'd like very much the Emanuelle saga.

18.How about horror movies?

LF: I'm and old date fan and collector of horror movies, as I said in the previous answer.

19.Are women must be lustFul?

LF: I think yes, eheh

20.What do you think you would be doing if you didn't play in a metal band?

LF: I think I could be an amatorial gore movies director. Short films are my passion, and in the future I will make my own splatter movie!

21.Do you like watch sexploitation movies?

LF: Of course, like everyone I think!

22.what do you do in your free times?

LF: See friends, drink beer, watch zeta movies and gore movies, watch porn movies, listen gore grind, read comics, try ethnic restaurants, spend a lot of time with playstation 3, and many other things...

The fast as fuck section:

lunatics anal fanatics: Soon they'll meet Shane Diesel

assterix vs bellucci: that bitch must die

Gore: Andreas Schnaas

Old for young: a good proof of whoreness

virgin: Soon they'll meet Shane Diesel

Assgrind: the Funeral Rape music

Golden Shower: i prefer shit!

deep hard fisting: my favourite technique

Zombies: people around me

Hargore: the vice-president of USA

Nekromantik: A great movie

Death-fuck: A good way to leave this world

Goat: Good to eat

Satan: sorry, he doesn't exist, like god.

23.Do you want to say someting for turkish fan?

Thank you for the support, We hope to come in your beautiful country next soon for a live.

Thanks for interview and we keep up with Funeral Rape.

Thank you so much too.

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