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Nashgul Interview

''Spanish apocaliptic ghouls'' NASHGUL interview

1. First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in Nashgul?

Santi – Hi there!!! Sunday afternoon, listening Saturnalia Temple “UR” and getting ready for the interview…..still waiting for our new LP to arrive home, and preparing some songs for our next splits, also we have just confirmed a show with Gruesome Stuff Relish soon…I cant wait to see that sleazy fuckers live again!!

2. How did fans react to your new album El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad ?

Hector – We've been receiving good reviews so far, but it's too soon to know. We're still waiting for the Lp release, a 12" gatefold with an awesome poster (Torture Garden Pictures [USA] and Trabuc Rcds. [Spanish State])... but it's taking too long………

3.How did you record it all? Did you go to a studio? Did production cost a lot? Can you describe some of your recording techniques if possible? Is recording a difficult or easy process for you guys?

Hector – We record everything at Estudios Bonham, which is in our city. This last album took longer than usual, because we wanted better quality... so yes, it was more expensive.

We usually record all the instruments live, all at once... and then the voices, so the recording will sound exactly the way we play. We know lots of bands whose albums sound great, and then you see them live and it's really disappointing, so we don't overproduce anything, because we don't want this to happen to us. Nashgul sounds dark and angry, no technical bullshit.

4. The post-apocalyptic themed concept of the new album.This very cool.What you think about this topic?Do you already have some ideas for future album concept?

Santi – We all love in Nashgul horror and post-apocalyptic movies…..so we think about to change a bit our lyrical concept and make some social horror kind of lyrics, you know, lot of horror movies (George A.Romero living dead movies for example) has a big social backup….and we enjoy horror and gore as much as we are pissed off by our society, so it just came natural….

5. How was going to your last tour Grind After Death and have you a new tour?

Hector – Everything was great. Luc (DoomStar Bookings/Fubar) took care of organizing tour dates. We took a flight from Spain to Belgium and Nicola (Bones Brigade Rcds.) was waiting there for us with a van, and he took us to France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The return journey was exactly the same. After traveling 900 infernal km, we took a flight back to Spain, were we had to travel another 300 km on the van before arriving home. 22 hours traveling without a single stop!!

Tour was 11 days around a lot of countries we've never been to, and we all had good times and we keep good memories, even with the most chaotic shows! Like when we had this sound engineer totally wasted playing tetris with the mixer while we were playing...

We don't have any tour on mind so far, maybe some European festival for summer. We are thinking of different destinations for our next tour, like USA, Scandinavia, Japan... places where we've never been before. Proposals will be welcome!

6. Do you have stuff like new Split Ep's planned in the near future? What's coming next for Nashgul?

Hector – We are working on a 7" split with our Texan friends PLF released by Bones Brigade Records from France. Apart from that we don't have anything in mind, maybe another split or new Lp... too soon to know!

7. Your cover artwork have a very special look to them... Who's the the artist doing them?

Hector – The cover of our split with World Down Fall was made by our friend Emma Rios (http://steinerfrommars.blogspot.com/)... but all the rest of our graphic side was always made by our bass player, Luis. If you want to check out his work, you can visit http://sendonluis.blogspot.com/

8. Which bands do you receive inspiration from?

Santi – Our main influences are classic Grindcore/Death Metal/Punk Crust bands like: Repulsion, early Napalm Death, first Terrorizer, early Carcass, Brutal Truth, Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, Assuck, Autopsy, Wolfpack, Amebix, Nuclear Assault, DRI….uffff millions of bands…..

Hector – Inspiration comes from lots of bands, from Nausea (NY) to Iron Maiden, Assuck, Sacrilege, His Hero Is Gone and hundreds of Grindcore bands, Punk, Thrash, Heavy Metal, Crust...

9. Can you describe your sound and music?

Santi – It sounds like introduce the middle finger in your local mayor’s ass

10.What is your favorite bands? And are you know any band from turkey?

Hector – I can't list my favorite bands, it could be endless... lot of Punk, Grind, Thrash, NWOBHM and Death Metal from the 70´s, 80s, 90s and also today's.

I only know Sakatat from Turkey, great old school grindcore!

Santi – Same to me….im obsessed with lot of different styles from Punk/Hc/Grind/Death/Black/Heavy/Noise to 60/70s Rock, ambient, soundtracks, old electronic stuff….i can enjoy Darkthrone, Repulsion or Autopsy like hell in the same way I love Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and tons of obscure 70s rock bands that I fuckin am into……but now, time to listen Midnight “Farewell to hell”….fuckin great stuff!!! Yeah!!!

11.Which songs you enjoy most on stage?

Hector – Mainly songs from our latest album, I guess because they are still fresh...

Santi – I also love to play some of the old ones, specially when the audience get crazy with them, it makes me forget that I played that song millions of times hehe

12. What do you think about usa and europe death-grind?

Santi – The classics are the classics….other American death classics I fuckin love are early Massacre, Incantation, Master, Abomination or more contemporary bands like Nunslaughter, Funebrarum....millions of band to mention….same with the classic Europe scene: Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, early Pestilence, Cancer, Benediction, Pungent Stench etc etc…the almighty Finish scene: Funebre, Demigod, Demilich….the classic Swedish stuff: Merciless, Treblinka, Unleashed, Carnage etc etc….and from nowdays: Verminous, Kaamos, Interment, Genocrush Ferox, Scurvy…from other countries Obliteration, Anatomia, Coffins, Necros Christos and the list goes on and on!!
And about Grind stuff only say that some of the new bands that I liked in these last months are: Mass Grave, 50/50, In Disgust, Bloody Phoenix, Marrow, Parlamentarisk sodomi, Roskopp……

Hector – I never really enjoyed US Death Metal, only Autopsy/Abscess and late 80's - early 90's bands from Tampa Bay, Florida... like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death... US Grind? I choose classics like Repulsion, Assuck, Exhumed, Brutal Truth... or today's PLF, Insect Warface, Cretin, Massgrave, Phobia...

I like European Death Metal more than US', specially old Swedish Death Metal... Entombed, Dismember, Nihilist, Cemetary, God Macabre, Grotesque, Repugnant... and today's Tormented, Tribulation... and fucking Death Breath! And there are two awesome Spanish bands, Teitanblood and Graveyard...

European grind? I could list hundreds of bands... but we all know them, so there's no need to!

13.What is your favorite horror movies and what you think about spanish horror movies? İ like spanish horror movies:D

Santi – Im a horror movie freak but some of my fave horror movies are: The Wicker Man (1973), The Beyond, Suspiria, Let the sleeping corpses lie, George A.Romero Living Dead trilogy, early John Carpenter, Jorg Buttgereit, Hammer Films, Amicus, Universal, 70s/80s horror, old Spanish/Italian horror, Exploitation, Sexploitation, …uff too much to mention……my fave Spanish movies are: The Blind Dead Tretalogy, Horror Express, The day of the beast, Who Can Kill a Child?, some Jess Franco, some Paul Naschy……

14.What inspires your to make so sick music,some pot inspiration?

Santi – Spain sucks big ass!!! At least we live in a northwest region called Galicia where we didn’t have to suffer as much the stupid Spanish topics….we are still downtrodden by politicians, by stupid jobs and so on like everybody in this fuckin planet…but at least we can escape from everything enjoying our nice landscapes and we are not invaded by millions of tourists….we play fuckin angry Grindcore cos we have something to say, this is not only for fun…we are not fuckin pornogrinders doing chicken dances in tanga…..fuck that shit!! Here I think, theres some Grindcore, grindgore and horrorgrind or whatever you wanna call it bands that take their music seriously, with dedication, knowing the roots of this music and having the fuckin real grindcore attitude…..time to listen now Napalm Death “From Enslavement To Obliteration” Ughh!!!
And for me…I love weed a lot, especially when I listen some Brutal Truth, Electric Wizard or some doom/sludge/70s rock shit….

Hector – Weed? No way I can smoke weed and play that shit! Our inspiration comes from life and everything around us. They often ask us why Spanish grind is so extreme... well... we are surrounded by shit every day, maybe they won't understand us in the wealthiest countries but here we are dealing with political corruption, police abuse, laws discriminating against middle and lower class, high unemployment rates, continuous war against self-managed social centers... anyway, SPAIN SUCKS! And I think that this circus is not gonna change... so I think there are enough reasons to play angry Grindcore!!!!

15.What do you think you would be doing if you didn't play in a metal band?

Hector – Two things could have happened: I could have ended up like most of my classmates at school: being a fascist, or I could have ended like most of the people of my neighborhood, junkies in psychiatric hospitals because of all the shit they used during the 90s. Music helped me to be apart from all this shit and helped me to keep my head cool in the darkest hours!

Santi – I get scared thinking in this question hahaha

16.so I think it is about time to jump into a time capsule and return to the early days of Nashgul. How did you get started?

Hector – ...it was 2001, and there were some old and small rehearsal rooms downtown with no soundproofing at all... and police kept coming to measure decibels and saying they were gonna seal our place... but they never actually did it! They where good times... we used to spend the whole afternoon there, from 4 till 10 pm... there was a supermarket near us and we were always finishing their beer supply... We never thought we were gonna get anywhere with music, and today here we are, we actually did something... and wow... it's weird and surprising, if we think of it!

17.Did you member in machetazo ? still working with dopi?

Santi – I was playing live with Machetazo during last year, but now im not playing with them….but yeah, I still working with Rober and Dopi in making this world a worse place….you will see soon! Long live to Machetazo!!!

18. Do you think to play any cover?

Santi - Id love to do some slow stuff….cover bands like Eyehategod, Grief, Corrupted or early Godflesh will be fuckin interesting to me cos im as much into slow as im into fastness…also I would like to cover some song from first Defecation album cos I think is on the same level like bands like Terrorizer or Carcass and it should get more attention from grind fans, even though the second album is a big shit haha…

Hector – Now we are playing a song by Repulsion that we recorded for their official tribute, Slaughter of the Innocent. We always wanted to play some Punk or Heavy Metal song, or maybe an Ep only with cover songs... some day!

19. What do you think about download?

Hector – Downloading looks fair to me, mainly for economic reasons, and also because we are saturated with music today, bands, myspaces, labels and bullshit. Today, anybody can make an album at home it two days and find a label to release it.

The problem is when people can't see the difference between big music labels (fuck them) and small underground labels that are having difficulties now... people like me and you, freaks that enjoy extreme music and that they are spending their money by editing an album just because they feel it and they believe in it, and now they can't get rid of their stock, so they are not going to think so easily about releasing another edition, and this is a vicious circle. Not too many people is willing to risk 2000 Euro to launch Grind / Punk / Death Metal music... so I'm saluting from here people who still have this initiatives and make things still work.

Internet works for me as a filter, I download, I listen, and I only buy if it's worth it, and I don't care if I have to spend lots of money in postage and handling and stuff to buy something from an US label, for example. There are albums and bands that deserve it!

Santi – If you support underground and have some money buy records and go to shows…..if not, youre a poser and you suck!!

20. Do you want to say someting for turkish fan?
Thanks for interview and we keep up with Nashgul.

Hector – Thank you for your time and interest. If you want more information, you can visit www.myspace.com/nashgul or write us at nashgulcore@yahoo.es... TRADITIONS MUST DIE!

Santi – I WANNA ROCK!!!!!

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