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Offal Interview

Splatterfest from Brazil.Our new interview with Offal.

Firstly hi to everyone! Thanks for accepting our interview request.

1.You did a cleaner recorded album in the name of old skull death metal compared to the new congeneric comers from us or europe. How were the reactions off the album?

André: Wohhh, people are really enjoying the newest full-length album! We’re starting to get the reviews about it and it’s being great! New stuff is a bit different from the previous one and most people comment about it as an evolution or something else but others keep enjoying the early stuff too, so… at all we’re very satisfied that how the things are going!

2.Where did the recording take place and how long did it take ? Did you had any difficulties during record session ?

Tersis: The recording process take place on AvantGarde Studio (Curitiba/PR - Brazil) from March to November/2009. I think time was something that has brought some difficulties to us: at that time, everyone was so busy with personal and professional life... as you can see in our website, after we recorded the drums, it took some months ‘till we could record the strings. As always, drums requires hours of laborious adjustments (cleaning up, equalizing, snapping beats with metronome). We recorded 10 videos of the whole recording process. You can watch them all on “The Slasher (Ob)sessions” in our web site (http://www.offalgore.com/the-slasher-obsessions/) or in our YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/offalgore).

3.I found the lyrics and cover art quite successful and even more lp inlay photo made me pleased (VHS tapes and pop corns). What at most do you give value on your horror movie influenced songs ? Whom belongs the cover art ?

Tersis: Thank you for the comment... that’s the life of a beer addicted splatstick gore movie lover, hehe. We created this scenario in our minds a long time ago and it fits perfectly with the album context. I think we’re always trying to get this old atmosphere, from Death Metal roots and somehow to connect these concepts with the horror aesthetics. The composition process is actually an immersion process where our minds are focused in the concept to be represented.

4.I think lyrics on one of the song on your album has written by Elektrokutioner. How did you contact with him ?

André: First time I get in touch with him was almost two years ago when I purchase some stuff of his several bands but who recommended him to do that lyrics for us was our friend Billy Nocera of RAZORBACK RECORDS/SCAREMAKER. When I asked him about who could help us with some great horror lyrics he said to get in touch with Wayne, so I did. I told him about what we want and he did two awesome lyrics for us for Feast for the Dead and Onslaught of Dismemberment songs. We hope to work with him again for some future releases, sure! Try to check all his bands but especially TOMBSTONES with the wizard of gore Stevo do Caixão, ARGHHH!

5.Not so long time ago, you released a split with Decrepitaph, which is a band of many bands of Elektrokutioner. I haven’t yet listen to it. As for sound is it close to your second album ?

André: Sure, the tracks on this release as our split 7”ep with ANATOMIA are from the same studio sessions of Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages, more creepy, horrific and disturbing Old-skull Death Metal from the grave, check it! Orders: www.grindblockrecords.com

6.Will there ever be any gig or a tour plan in near future?

Tersis: We have some gigs planned on the next months. These gigs will take place in our hometown and some other cities at some nearly states. We are looking forward to play more “live” gigs this year especially at some places where we haven’t played before!

7.Trial of the Undead clip is indeed greatly done. I think if it ever participates in a festival, it could get a good degree.

Tersis: Thank you. The work-team had only a week to organize and to produce all the stuff needed for the video clip recordings. It was very intense, since the beginning. The video clip was higly inspired on a huge amount of zombie’s flix, especially on Fulci’s cult one Zombie, where the lyrics got the main inspiration. We got a very special response about our 1st official video-clip, when it was published we would like to do 500 views or few more in a year and after only nine months we did more than 3.300 views since it was published, great! We made a special hot-site about the whole Trial of the Undead video production with all the details, pictures and general info: http://www.trialoftheundead.com

8.The Medleys you did are quite well done, I especially loved the Autopsy one. Hail Autopsy Hail Chris Reifert. How did this idea get a life ?

André: On our early rehearsals we used to play several covers for several bands including IRON MAIDEN, DEATH, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, MERCYFUL FATE, SARCÓFAGO, NAPALM DEATH and of course AUTOPSY! That time we have played three or four AUTOPSY’s full songs, so the original band founder Daniel Azevedo (nowadays on IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE and AXECUTER) had the idea to do a medley featuring just a part of the whole AUTOPSY’s trax we played, so… the result couldn’t be better and it was the best way to homage our greatest influence ever! This medley is a constant name on our live set list, moshers got insane when we play it! HAIL MASTERS!

9.There are many instrumental songs taking place on your last album. But there is a special one form e Deep Red - The Blood Is Running Cold. Quite a nice idea. How did this happen to come out ?

André: Well, I’m always trying to get the sound tracks of some cult horror flix I’ve enjoyed, it’s not easy to find at all but… when I got to listen that Deep Red’s sound track I think that would be great to do a Death Metal version of some track of that mighty Goblin’s soundtrack, so… I said to Tersis about this plan, he enjoyed the idea and so we choose the track! He did the whole work on it, making the version for the original one and we got really surprised with the final result, awesome! Many people comment about it and ask us if we’ll do another soundtrack song but we still didn’t know what will be, we’ll choose it only when we start to work on some new stuff for a possible 3rd full-length CD, 2012 or later!

10.On early days of the band, I see improvements and changes in a good way. Can you tell us about those early days a bit ?

André: We started just as a project between some good friends, we hadn’t any big plans or pretensions that time: we just did some songs (most are on our 1st full-length CD) and we spent most time playing covers! So, when we got the chance to record that trax, we’ve asked for ourselves, why not? So we did and… only after almost a year we started to send it to some friends and on this way we got the invite of our great friend Renzo to put it out thru his label The Hole Productions! He was just starting the label that time and our 1st s/t CD was his 001 release, just great!

11.From which bands do you take inspiration ?

Andre: Wohhh, I really couldn’t answer to it, tons of bands could be considered an inspiration for us but AUTOPSY and IMPETIGO are the greatest ones for sure!

12.Recent bands you actually are interested of ?

Andre: Well, I’m currently listening a lot to Hooded Menace, Undergang, Grave Ritual, Burial Invocation, Stench of Decay, Vacant Coffin, Decrepitaph, Krypts, Skeletal Spectre, Revolting, Scaremaker, Coffins, Acid Witch, Grave Desecrator, Catacumba…

Tersis: About these so called Brutal Death Metal nowadays, I like it but I don’t really love it. I’m more into bands that take that old Death Metal spirit. I also like many other metal genres, like Black, Thrash and NWOBHM.

13.Lets move into horror movies, whats your favourite ones in genre ?

André: Wohhh man, really too many names to mention!

14.In Brasil horror sector is already great. Especially some zombie flicks that recorded recently and the awesome classics of José Mojica Marins. Coffin Joe is one of the major horror character in world wide in my opinion. What do you think ?

André: Ohhh yeah, Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) is a live legend and we’re proud that he comes from Brazil. We absolutely loved all that he did and some classic productions as A MEIA NOITE LEVAREI SUA ALMA, ESTA NOITE ENCARNAREI NO TEU CADÁVER, O ESTRANHO MUNDO DE ZÉ DO CAIXÃO, O DESPERTAR DA BESTA – RITUAL DOS SÁDICOS and tons of more are really cult ones worldwide! Check it: http://www2.uol.com.br/zedocaixao/index.htm. We have some real plans to homage him on some of our future releases, sure! Also try to know about other demented Brazilian cult directors as Ivan Cardoso, Petter Baiestorf, Rodrigo Aragão, Fernando Rick and Gurcius Gewdner!

15.Lucio Fulci is extraordinary and unique in the name of gore in worldwide scene, at the same time I think it’s the same about Death Metal too. What’s the best to name for about Fulci ?

Andre: Genious!

16.What’s your favourite horror movie directors?

André: Too many to mention!
Fast as fuck section:


Horror: Flix
Death Metal: An endless passion!
Gore: Grind!
Zombies: Brainsss!
Brazil: 3rd world!
Amazon: I don’t care!
Cannibalism: Everybody needs to eat!
Sadism: Fun
Haribo: ???
Offal: Butchered organs, entrails, viscera, giblets...

Tersis: Tough question

Horror: Real
Death Metal: Macabre
Gore: Violence
Zombies: Coming soon, from a graveyard near you...
Brazil: Landscapes
Amazon: Bio-diversity
Cannibalism: Extreme
Sadism: Available soon by CREAMPIE!
Haribo: Jelly Brains
Offal: Flesh ripping Death Metal!

17.Lastly thanks again for the interview. Is there anything you wanted to say to your fans ?

André: Thankxxx a lot for your support and for the great intie! Try to get ONLY original stuff and fuck-off all wimp MP3 downloaders everywhere!
Tersis: Thank you very much for supporting us. If you wan’t more information about Offal, just access our official website http://www.offalgore.com/ or our MySpace http://www.myspace.com/offalgore. Stay tuned on these channels, because we’re always updating with news and information about the band. The Blood is Running Cold...

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