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Desecration (UK) interview

Here is the very very long waited interview from these Welsh old skool fuckerz...

Greetings Desecration !!

1. First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going ? whats news in Desecration ?
- You're very welcome! Things are goin well thanks, we've pretty much fininshed touring for this year, so we're now continuing writing for the next album.

2. Your last album is really great one again.How did you record it ?
- The usual way! Got all the drums down, triggered them before putting the guitar, bass and vocals down.

3. How about fans react? We loved it.
- Thankyou. The album seemed to go down very well I'm pleased to report!

4. Did you go to a studio? Did production cost a lot? Can you describe some of your recording techniques if possible? Is recording a difficult or easy process for you guys?
- Yes, we recorded it in Phillia Studios, Henley, UK with Nick Hemingway. I think the production cost a couple of thousand pounds. We don't find recording particularly difficult, as we are usually very well prepared!

5. Do you have stuff like new Split/Ep planned in the near future?

- We are currently writing material for a new album but it is very likely that we'll record a few tracks first and use those for an EP to be released before we go on the road again next year.

6. Can you describe your sound and music?
- We play old-school death metal, fast and riffy. We are very self-critical, we don't want to let anything but the best riffs and arrangements get on the recording. This is why it is often a couple of years between albums.

7. Which bands do you receive inspiration from?

- I guess we still draw inspiration from the bands/albums we used to listen to when we started the band. We listen to a lot of stuff, old, new and varied, but we don't intend changing our style to "fit in" with any new genre or anything, we just do what we do best!

8. Return to the early days of Desecration. How did you get started ?
- Ollie: I joined a bunch of guys who were playing cover versions of early death metal stuff and slayer and a few of their own songs. I am now the only original member.

9. Your debut album Gore and Perversion originally had been banned, and all the master tapes destroyed before it was released, due to the offensive artwork and lyrics contained on the album. What problems you had in 1995. How did you overcome it, can you tell us that period ?

- This all happened before I joined the band, but basically the album got seized and destroyed by the authorities, and the boys taken to court. Nothing came of this, so the band just continued to write and release albums, and tour as many countries as they could. The only difference was that the band toned down the obscenity a little to avoid similar trouble in the future.

10. Being a band of a banned album, how do you feel ?
- It's just one of those things really, it happens to some of us from time to time. It certainly gives us something to talk about, and to help imprint the name Desecration in people's heads. There's no such thing as bad publicity..

11. This goes solely for Ollie: Being a mortician and being a vocalist in a band at the same time should be really exciting, very few had this chance, and from your lyrics we can see you've always used it at its best. Can you tell us one of your extraordinary stuations as a mortician ?
- Ollie: Well most of it is same old same old, everyday gore, but unusual stuff is train and car crashes, or suicides with a shotgun etc

12. The Original version of debut album's cover is indeed one of the most sickening ones i've ever seen. Who had drawen it, and what were you thinking about it ?

- Ollie: we thought and knew it was the sickest thing at the time, it was drawn by a member of the band back then, i won't and can't give his name i'm afraid!

13. What's your favorite band? know any band from Turkey ?
- There are too many faves to name really, but one of my favourite all-time metal bands is probably Voivod, though Steel Panther are legendary in my book! Old Iron Maiden come very close too. As far as Death Metal goes, I guess it'd be Morbid Angel, Vader, Carcass and Death. In other genres, I like Jamiroquai, and The Police have to rate as one of my all-time favourite bands. And from Turkey, we know Cenotaph..

14. In your opinion death metal must be satanic ?
- Not at all. It's music at the end of the day, and I think as artists, bands can write about whatever they want. Grim subjects are more fitting for our style of music, but I don't think any artist should limit him/herself..

15. What do you think about us and europe death metal scene ?
- The European scene seems to be a lot more healthy than the UK. We love playing in Europe!

16. I know Desecration had always been one of the most prolific touring bands around. Does it ever prevent from writing new materials ? Do you ever think of coming to Turkey ?
- No, we are always writing material, sometimes this process is slow (like when we're touring) but there is always time to write! Playing Turkey has not really been in the front of our minds, but if the people want to see us there, and there are promoters who can help make this happen then we're all up for it!
I'm actually holidaying in Turkey in mid-September in the Gumbet area, so if there are any metal clubs near there, be sure to let me know, haha!

17. What are your favorite movies ?

- I am not a big film fan, but I do enjoy a good movie. Some of my favourites are Scum, Casino, Goodfellas, Ronin, Leon, the Saw series..

18. How about horror movies ?
- Ollie's more into horror than me, he says: "Cannibal and Zombie ones, plus real life gore films like traces of death as they are soooo grisly!"

19. What do you do in your free times?
- I play in a couple of other metal bands (not death metal), but when I'm not gigging I'm often playing my guitar and bass, and recording at home! I also enjoy going out to rock clubs and attending gigs, playing poker, spending time with my girlfriend (awwww!)

20. Do you want to say someting for turkish fans?
- Yes, "stay metal", and get onto your local promoters, and tell them you want to see Desecration playing in a club near you! ;)

Interview done with Mic, otherwise stated.

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