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Sodomy Torture Interview

1.First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in Sodomy Torture?

Thanx you too. Actually we made some concerts and were working on another projects but soon we will meet again and restart to murder. With the remains of the rotten corpses of our victims we should bring a good surprise to the world...

2.Your First album Exterminamorgue.I think so this is very good starting.How about react?

The public reacts generally pretty good on our stuff. I think people need some violence nowadays.

3.Album relase to Snakebite prod.Are you happy with your label ?

Yes. The deal is right. He made a good job and worked really fast for ExterminaMorgue. We had some problems with another label who just talked to much and made nothing.

4.Have your any plan for split or compilation?

Yes but we don't talk about something 'til it isn't concrete and sure. The only thing I can say is that there will be a Split 7EP soon.

5.Your demo cover art better then album.Who did it ?

The demo was totally self made. The cover of ExterminaMorgue was made in just few hours by my tattooist.

6.Intros are very good.How do you choose them?

Thanx. Most of our intros come naturally. When we make some satanic rituals, SadoMaso murders or when we drink some beers with some bloodthirsty zombi-friends we just record our parties and then use it for some intros.

7.You played two cover songs.First Mortician,second Pungent Stench...what you think for Third?

Third will come soon on our next act. As I said we don't talk to much about unachieved projects but I can tell you it will be a tribute to the old gods of times when Death Metal was played in the pure extreme and disgusting way.

Sodomy Torture will always be grateful to those who made us what we are.

8.I know you from Mortician Tribute album. How did you take place to tribute album ?

Eventrator was contacted by the label who released the tribute. When we started Sodomy Torture, the idea was to play in the Mortician style. This band has always been a reference to us. So when we have been contacted by the label we just thought we should be on the right place on a tribute to Mortician.

9.What inspires your to make so sick music,some pot inspiration?

Personnaly I don't like drugs. Pot makes me sleepy and ill. I prefer alcohol.
A big part of our inspiration comes from Anaconda, another part from everyday life. You know when I come home after a hard day I like to sit back and drink some fresh blood in a baby's skull with a little bit vodka. Then I start to free my mind and think about life and his beauties. That inspires my lyrics.

10.Which bands do you receive inspiration from?

The inspiration for Sodomy Torture comes directly from bands like Mortician (of course), Pungent stench, Bolt Thrower, Nunslaughter, Grave, Repulsion, Master, Obituary, Asphyx, Abscess, Rotten Sound, Entombed, Ghoul, Exhumed, Impaled... and the list could be so much longer.

In fact all these bands, even if they are different, play Death Metal in the Great spirit of extreme music. The way it should be. Personnally I don't like what Death Metal became. The technical Brutal Death/Grind/Core scene doesn't interest me. To me there is no feeling in this music full of technic riffing and BlastBeats. See bands like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Venom, Celtic Frost... there is no technic and no blastbeats but what an atmosphere and feeling. I prefer to listen to a good old Coroner or Sabbat(UK) when I need a more complex music.

11.How did you get start?

We are brothers in battle since many years. We all played in many bands. Anaconda and Eventrator started to rehearse together highly influenced by Mortician. At the beginning it was not such a serious prject. I ran away from a heavy metal band that made nothing serious and with a poser attitude. I needed something extreme to satisfy the dark side of me. So I called Eventrator.

The Murdering league was complete and the madness came true this dark and rainy night.

12.can you describe your sound and music?

Heavy, low, agressive, sick, brutal, insane and filthy.

13.What are your favourite bands and do you know some bands from Turkey?

To the second part of your question yes I sure have listened to bands from your country but at the time of this interview I can't remember one in particular.Maybe
your Pentagram.

The bands I love are so numerous in so different styles. It goes from Motörhead, Saxon, to many others like Nunslaughter,Nocturnal Graves, Twisted sister, Judas Priest, Altar, Officium Triste, Master, Sodom, Venom, Hellhammer, Repugnant, Alice Cooper, The Exploited, böhse Onkelz, Lacrimosa, Poison, Church Bizarre... and so many more

14.We love horror movies too.I wrote too many horror movies in review in Extreme
Haribo.What's u favorite horror movie?

To me I love Freddy. I also like more recent films like 28 days after that is a new vision of the zombi but my total cult in gore will always stay ... Braindead !!!!!!

15.Which horror type your favorite?

Gore but funny.

16.What do you think about download?

It can be a good solution to discover music. I don't mind if someone downloads my music and, if he like,s orders the original piece. But what I HATE is people just having music on MP3. MP3 is NOT music. You know when I was a kid I copied some tapes from other tapes or Vinyl and listened to them 'til I had enough money to buy the original. To me having music in a computer is not the same as having a original CD, tape or vinyl in your hands. Music is not only for your ears. An album has to be apreciated with all your senses. Touch a vinyl, smell the booklet, the ink....See how beautiful some vinyl are from Hell's HeadBangers Records or Proselytism...

17.what do you do in your free times?

Ride my bike and care of my reptiles. Sometimes I also like to torture beautiful
women and rape treir cadavers...

The Fast as fuck section

Misery:Material life
Grave:The place we all end
Zombies:Cool guys
Fulci: Experimental
B-movie:Not my passion
Mortician:Most brutal band in the world

18.At last Do you want to say someting for your fans?

Stay true, think by yourself. Live full with respect to those who deserve it, destroy the other ones.Stay strong. Don't waste your time, life is short. Infiltrate the world and spread the message,Open your eyes and see how things really go on. Keep the flame of the true underground alive. Long live Metal.

Thanks for interview.

Thanx to you.

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