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Utopium Interview

1.First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in Utopium ?

Thank you for the interest and support, we really appreciate it. We are currently getting ready to start recording our album in the next month.

2.Your first EP Conceptive Prescience was promising for future.I like it. How did fans react to Conceptive Prescience ?

So far, so good. The EP had some flaws and was our first studio experience so there are some things we now think we could have done better. But overall, people are getting into our music and so far we haven’t seen a bad review (there aren’t that many around to be honest). Not that we care much, but it feels good when your work gets recognized. Even if we get a bad review, at least we are getting a reaction out of someone, doesn’t matter if it’s love or hate.

3.Any live shows for Utopium ?

Couple of gigs here and there. Now we’re entering studio so we will take a small break from gigs. But we hope to get our asses on a stage soon after the album comes out. We love to play live and people feel that on our shows.

4.Have you any materiel for new record ?

Sure. We never had problems writing songs. Some times we even have to stop writing because we start getting too many songs and then we don’t know were to put them hehehe.

5.You are a grindcore band but useing sluge riff.This is so cool.How did you find this idea ?

We started this band as a grindcore band, but as we all like other types of music, we thought we could make our own style of grind by mixing other stuff we like and felt like it would fit. That’s why you can hear Crust riffs, Sludge riffs, Thrash and Death Metal riffs on our songs. We play the music we love the most and we are our first fans.

6.How did you get started to grind ?

Hummm, we all started with different bands… I guess Napalm Death is the main one. Personally the one that really turned me into this music was “Murderworks” from Rotten Sound.

7.Can you describe your sound and music ?

I like to call it “Grind”. We always thought that genres should only serve as guidelines and not as an adjective to define a band. We make extreme music, from fast to slow, from old to new.

8.I think so your lyric about society, life and political. What are you talking about in your lyric ?

Well mostly is stuff that only Rizzo knows and we have a hard time to understand what he means. He likes to mess with our heads and to make us think. His message is always hidden in the words and if you don’t pay attention you won’t get them.
He wanted to avoid the general grind topics (gore and politics) and make his own lyrical concept. It’s all open to multiple interpretations.

9.You played into Nasum Tribute album. Very nice cover. How did you take place to tribute album ?

At that time Power-it-up was looking for bands to participate and we suggested that cover for us. It was cool for us since Nasum is an influence for us, and after Mieszko departed, we where happy to have an opportunity to pay him our tribute.

10.What's your favorite band? know any band from Turkey?

Hard to say, we like so many kinds of music, so many bands, so many albums… From Turkey I know Sakatat.

11.What is your favorite movies and books?

We like all sort of stuff. From recent Blockbusters to B-grade old movies. Maybe we have a special love for post-apoc movies.
I don’t read much. Last thing I read was “Metamorphosis” by Kafka.

12.How is the day-by-day of the band´s members? What do you do for get money? Is it hard to live or survive in Portugal ?
Some of us study and some of us work. I think it’s hard anywhere nowadays… You just have to manage a way to get by.

13. How did you record it all? Did you go to a studio? Did production cost a lot? Can you describe some of your recording techniques if possible? Is recording a difficult or easy process for you guys?

We recorded it all on our garage where we do our rehearsals. Drums and bass were recorded in one day (we should have taken more time with the drums but we didn’t) then guitars in another and voice next. Then our friend and soundguy Neto (from Replica), took care of the mastering and the rest of the stuff. Later we re-recorded the guitar with a little more punch because we weren’t really happy with the first takes. We don’t use any special techniques. Just record like we can with our means.

14.What do you think about europe death-grind?

There are good bands and there are not-so-good bands. I think the best are those who try to come up with their own sound. Not to disregard some old bands that worked hard and still do. But the scene has grown so much you have to make something different to get noticed and from that comes value.

I think Sweden rules hehehe. I haven’t discovered a band from Sweden that I don’t like… It’s funny how the US keeps copying European bands, especially from Sweden.

15.Do you think to play more cover?

Yeah. There are so many ideas for covers that we didn’t advance with any yet hehehe

16.What do you think about download?

I download a lot of music and if I can I buy the CDs but I believe it’s more rewarding (monetarily speaking) for the bands if you buy a shirt and go to the gigs. At least I rather support them that way.

17.What do you do in your free times?

Drink beer mostly hehehe.

The Fast as fuck section

Life: Sucks and then you die…

Zombies: Brains!

Death: Napalm

Human: Waste

War: What for?

Chaos: Feels good sometimes

Haribo: Sweet!

Gore: Not funny

Grindcore: Is life

18.At last Do you want to say someting for turkish fan?

Thank you for the support and stay tuned to Utopium camp. We got more of this coming your way!

JR @ Utopium

Thanks for interview.

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