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Gore Obsessed Interview

1.Hi Justin!!!First thanks for interview.how is it going?What's news in Gore Obsessed?


I took part in a 5-way split which was released in Feb 2010 through Sevared Records.
I'm currently recording new songs for a 2nd Split album as well as songs for a new download EP.

2.Your last EP Satanic Ritual is good.I think this Ep better than your others demos.How did you get that reaction about Satanic Ritual?

As long as the albums keep getting better and people like them I'm happy. The reaction has been positive.

3.Are all your records self-released?2.How did you record your last Ep and Where did you record ?

Yeah, so far besides a 5-way split I took part in all Gore Obsessed records have been self-released and available for download.

I'm looking into releasing a very limited compilation CD-R (with pro printed covers) of all Gore Obsessed tracks recorded so far (including the stuff I'm working on now)

The last EP was recorded in my own small recording studio and mix & mastered by me with my limited skills.

I like the idea of Gore Obsessed being a real one-man project (including me recording and mixing the songs)

4.Your cover artworks are Horroflix.Who's the the artist doing them?

I do all cover work myself. I stick a horror poster into photoshop or illustrator and mess it up until I'm happy, that becomes the cover art.

5.Gore Obsessed just one man project.Are In composition and records time difficult ?

Yes finding time can be difficult, but whenever I have some free time I try write new tracks. I actually have quite a few songs in various stages, some still have to be recorded, others need lyrics, some are recorded but not mixed etc..

6.What inspires your to make so sick music,some pot inspiration?

An unholy mixture of listening to way to much Impetigo and Nunslaughter and watching way to many bad Horror movies :)

7.You played two cover songs Boneyard from Impetigo and Judas Priest-Breaking the Law.Do you think more cover song ?

I'll defiantly record a few more covers, so far I plan on covering songs from Nunslaughter, Blood Duster and Mortician.

8.How did you get start?

It all started with a need to make brutal noise and call it "music". With Impetigo's 'Horror of the Zombie' as my spiritual guide and my guitar I started this journey :)
But seriously, I started messing around with recording software and some musical ideas (I was never great at playing cover songs so I thought fuck it I'll write my own).
Gore Obsessed is the first and only band I've played in and I doubt that is going to change in the future.

9.can you describe your sound and music?

I think the best way I can describe the sound is DIY Grinding Death Metal. Or B-Grade Goregrind inspired by B-Grade Horror haha.

It's Far from technical or polished and defiantly not Modern, I'm not trying to re-create any particular sound but rather play whatever comes out of my Gore Obsessed mind.

10.What are your favourite bands?

Impetigo is my favourite Death band but I'd say Iron Maiden are my all-time favourite band. A few other favourites would be;

Haemorrhage, NunSlaughter, Obituary, Extreme Noise Terror, Misery Index, Dead, Death, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Jungle Rot, Rompeprop, Dead Infection, Judas Priest, Altar of Giallo, Blood freak, Machetazo, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Venom...I could goon for ever :)

11.what do you think about usa and europe death-grind?

There are some great bands out there and thanks to myspace it's become easier to find a lot of lesser known bands (like myself). A lot good stuff coming out of both US and Europe, as long as it's not melodic or have that annoying Gothenburg sound. The UK death scene has some awesome newer bands (Amputated, Infected Disarray, Pork Farm, Fleshrot, Putrefy and a few others) but I really dislike bands like 'Trigger the Bloodshed' and 'Annotations of an Autopsy' both in attitude and music. And not forgetting Asia or South America which have some intense Grind and Death bands (Bathtub Shitter, Butcher ABC, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation (man those girls can GRIND!), I can't get enough of Abysmal Torment from Malta latest cd). But for some strange reason a lot of bands I'm into come from Spain.
The Obscene Extreme fest in the Czech Republic is a great fest to check out unknown or establish grind bands.

12.do you know any band from turkey?

The Turkish legends Cenotaph!

I absolutely Love Decaying Purity's album 'Phases of Dimensional Torture', can't wait to hear more from them.

Brutalcore (great Zombie Ritual cover) and a few others I've heard; Consume, Carnophage (awesome cd!), UCK Grind, Death Oath, Despised (pity they split). If there are any other cool Turkish Death/Grind let me know!

13.Which bands do you receive inspiration from?

Impetigo, NunSlaughter and Haemorrhage (of course bits of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth & Jungle Rot have inspired me).

14.Your lyric about cannibalsm,satanic and horroflix... Do you receive inspiration by only horror movies or some sick vision either both of them?

I'd say a bit of both. The lyrics are short tales of horror, gore and murder either directly inspired by a movies, my interpretation of a movie or my story (seen as I don't have interest in writing a book or trying to make a film I bring the ideas to life through music).

15.You choose very brutal intros.When you choosing your intors,How do you choose them?

I have a note pad so whenever I hear a cool brutal line in a movie I can make a note of it to record later. I normally try use a movie sample that fits with the lyrics of the song (or a sample from the movie that has inspired the song).

16.We love horror movies too.I wrote too many horror movies in review in Extreme Haribo.What's u favorite horror movie?

This is a hard one to answer. Just like with favourite bands my list is a never ending one. I'd say my absolute favourites would be:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), Dawn of the Dead (original), Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, Zombi 2 (Zombie Flesh Eaters), Toxic Avenger, Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead, Re-animator, Dead Beat at Dawn, Ilsa: She-wolf of the SS...the list goes on. I also love Italian Giallo films.

17.What you think about new horror movies?

To me most new horror movies lack the heart and feel of the classics. Newer Horror no longer really pushes our accepted comfort zone, sure there is some extreme gore but that's all it is.
It seems to be more about how they can show someone being killed than why (nothing wrong with buckets of gore but with films like SAW it's the only thing they have). Some of the 'Good' moral ideas in the new films is actually scarier than the film and you're left wondering what was the film maker thinking rather than being impressed by the film. Of course there's been some real good ones (Switchblade Romance, Shaun of the Dead, Wolf Creek, Devil's Rejects, Storm Warning, REC and a lot of really low budget zombie films come to mind)

18.Christopher Lee or Bela lugosi which is your Best Vampire?

As great as Lugosi was I have to go with Christopher Lee (he is one of my favourite actors and I'm a big Hammer Horror fan) his portrayal of Dracula is brilliant.

19.Do you like 50's horro movies? Gill man, blob or 50 feet gaint women etc...

The 50's had some of the best creature films (I'm not a big CGI fan, I prefer puppets and stop animation especially Ray Harryhausen films). The late 50's also saw the release of some great Hammer Horror films (as mentioned I'm a fan).

20.What's your favorite zombie movies?

Fulci's zombie films of course and the original Romero zombie movies (the only remake I liked was Tom Savini's 1990 remake of 'Night of the Living Dead'). I also enjoy the comedy side of 'Children Shouldn't play with Dead things' and 'Shaun of the Dead'. And out of the countless B-grade zombie movies there has been some real good ones and some that are so bad you can't help like them.

21.Too many cannibalsm movies in horror scene.Cannibal Holocaust,Antropophagus etc. What's opinion about them?

I LOVE cannibal movies (especially the old Italian ones set in the jungle). Cannibal Holocaust is one of my all time favourite movies, unfortunately some are utter rubbish though, Cannibal Holocaust 2 and Cannibal Ferox 2 both come to mind, they have no real cannibalism or the original feel left. The originals pushed the boundries of morality and what was accaptable.

22.What's your favorite horror movies director ?

Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento

23.What do you think about download?

I can understand why some people are against it but at the same time you have to see the positive. Not only has it been a great way for me to promote and let people list to my music but it's also helped me discover a lot of awesome bands (If I see a cd I'm interested in but haven't heard of the band, I'll first check out some of their songs online before buying the album, or if I heard some songs which I like I'll then order the cd). I still prefer owning a physical copy of the music (I'll rather pay for a cd than pay for an online download). It'll be a real sad day for me when vinyl or CDs are no longer produced.

24.what do you do in your free times?

Besides watching way to many horror movies and trying to finish off songs, I try attend a few concerts. I also attend as many music collector fairs as possible to get my hands on Death/Grind albums and go to a great Horror convention in Germany twice a year. Besides that, the usual boring things.

25.Do you like to eat haribo?

Of course! who doesn't ;)

Haribo: Great name for a blog ;p

Nekromantik: Eyeball sucking...Love it!


Cannibalsm: FOOD

Horror movies: 2nd greatest thing ever

Gore: Should be in all movies and lyrics

Death Metal: 1st greatest thing ever (or is that boobs)

Alister Crowley: Mr Crowley what went down in your head (also The Great Beast)

LUcio fulci: GOD

Bela Lugosi: DRACULA

26.Do you want to say someting for turkish fan?

It's a real honour to have fans in Turkey . When I started Gore Obsessed it was for myself and a few friends, so when I get messages from far off lands it's a great feeling to know that there are people listening to my shit out there. I hope you gorehounds in Turkey enjoy my sick music and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks to the Extreme Haribo guys for the interview!!!

Thanks for interview and we keep up with Gore Obsessed

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