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Morbider Interview

1.First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? What’s news in Morbider?

Thank you too. Well, I’m alright, life’s ups and downs, you know. Morbider is just half way through recording of new material which should be released on the split album together with two other bands by Dybbuck records.
2.Where did you record ?

At a place called Studio 13. Well, it’s not really a studio. It’s actually a room at my place where I have some equipment and where we are recording. The production is also my responsibility, so hopefully it will be worth it.
3.Your cover artwork is great. Who's the artist doing them?

The Front cover is picture from some old comics I think. And the design of the rest of the CD is a work of artist called Eduardo M. But speaking of graphic, my thanks go to guys from DB records, they’re doing great job.

4.Which bands do you receive inspiration from?
As you can hear that's mostly Old School Death Metal from Sweden. Bands like Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Edge of Sanity etc. Of course, there’s also a huge influence from death metal scene and bands like Death, Slayer, Obituary, Gorefest...

5. How was When Darkness Returns reacted? We, hariboeaters, loved it

Thank you. Well, feedback and reactions have been pretty positive so far. I think it’s too soon to make any conclusions though.

6.What do you do in your free times?

You know, I’m really busy working and what’s more, I go to school. But I’m trying to listen to the new music as much as possible, do my own music and from time to time I find a minute to watch a good movie..so that’s pretty it.

7.Return to the early days of Morbider. How did you get started?

I and one friend of mine, we were just trying to play some instruments and create something that resembled music in some way. And about Morbider, we recorded our first demo in 1992 and that’s when it all started.

8.You were formed in 1992, weren’t you? But u released your first album in 2009. Why?

Well, Morbider was just one man project for most of its existence, when I felt like recording something, I did so but more or less for my private use. The situation changed when I bought some recording equipment around 2007 and made two demos with my friends that you can hear on the album.

9. What are your favourite bands?

It’s definitely Dismember, Entombed Grave etc.

10. What do you think about new " death-core " bands ?

When it comes to the instrumental side, they’re excellent but to be honest, I’m not really into it.

11. Then what do you think about new style experimental / neo classic technical etc death metal bands also their live performances ?

Honestly, I can’t think of any at the moment and it’s been quite a while since I was at a concert last time..so sorry.

12. So we like so much old school Swedish death metals for example Grave, Dismember etc, so what ur favorits?

Yep, Dismember rules! And from the recent bands, it’s Interment, Facebreaker or Demonical.

13. Do you know any Turkish bands ?

Ominous grief, Cenotaph, Hecatomb, Moribund Oblivion... But I am not an expert at Turkish metal scene.

14. If there was an organisation in Turkey, would you come and play?

Well, as Morbider have never played live and at the moment it’s one man project again, my answer would probably be no.

15. Whose idea was Dissection cover?

I just wanted to do a cover of some old Swedish band and I like Dissection..so that's it.
The fast as fuck section

Haribo: Goldbears

Old school death metal: Rules

Gore: Horror movies

zombies: Graveyard

Graveyard: Zombies

At last do you want to say something for Turkish fan?

Thank you for the support and Stay brutal! Cheers

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