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Bonesaw Interview

-First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in Bonesaw?

----Hey man, thanks for the support and no sweat on the interview! Not much news really.. just writing new shit which i'll expand on later.

-Your last album sawtopsy was great.How did fans react?

--- Thanks, glad you liked it. We haven't had much in the way of reviews returned to us yet for SAWTOPSY. But whoever has a copy and has bothered to get n touch.. seem to like it! Which is awesome.

-Any live shows for Bonesaw?

---- We just have a few local shows planned at the moment. We are also in talks about getting us & our sister band Ablach (w/Andy, Bazz & Calum from Bonesaw) over to Finland for 3-4 shows.

-the early days of Bonesaw.How did you get started?

---- It was the turn of the Millenium.. Jan 2000 (or there abouts) that Andy Geraghty (vocals) and myself (Bazz, now bass but initially drums for 2 rehearsals haha) got talking about how shit the Death Metal scene had gone.
Internatonally was bad enough but locally we had nothing. So decided to get something on the go, we were shortly after joined by Sid (Ex-Korpse, now guitars but initialy drums). Since then we have got through some 6 guitaists
finally settling on Paul Gaunt and having Sid moved from drums to guitar (his true calling). We are also on our 4th drummer (if you include Sid) in Calum. So getting any momentum in the band, until fairly recently, has been very difficult.
Which is why it has taken us some 10years to finally record an LP.

-Can you describe your sound and music?

----- Old School Raw Death Metal, in the veins of Autopsy, Repulsion, Possessed etc

-What's your favorite band? know any band from Turkey?

---- That's a tough question. I listen to all sorts of music and not all extreme styles either.. but in the context of inspiration for Bonesaw. It has to be Autopsy. Turkish bands.. we did a trade with UCK Grind.. otherwise i don't know any.
Feel free to recomend some!

-How is the day-by-day of the band´s members? What do you do for get money? Is it hard to live or survive in scotland?

---- Aberdeen is fairly fortunate to be the "Oil Capital" so work is easier to come by here than in other places around Scotland. I do various delivery type jobs, Sid works for the studio we rehearse/record in. Paul works in Healthy Care.
Andy works for the local council & Calum sells DIY goods.. haha a nice variety of shit jobs.

-How did you record it all? Did you go to a studio? Did production cost a lot? Can you describe some of your recording techniques if possible? Is recording a difficult or easy process for you guys?

---- It was al recorded at Captain Toms Recording Studio here in Aberdeen. Which is where Sid works. Our process is fairly simple with the songs already having been musically written for a while before we record them. Everything is done
live, then we overdub solos & vocals. The whole process of fnishing the LP took a few months because of various holdups (waiting for backing vocal tracks etc). But the bulk of it was done very quickly.

-Do you have stuff like new Split Ep's planned in the near future? What's coming next for Bonesaw?

---- We are just finishing off 2 new tracks. One to be featured on a split 7" w/Lobotomized and the other a 30sec freak of a song. To be put out on the next Mortville Records Compilation. After that will probably be a split with Haemophagus (Italy),then i dunno.. possible a second LP for 2011.

-What do you think about usa and europe death-grind?

---- uhmmm i don't think about it at all.. haha

-What is your favorite horror movies?

---- Evil Dead, Hellraiser, Saw I, Zombie Flesheaters.. shit.. anything that is good! haha

-in your opinion death metal must be satanic?

---- in MY opinion the lyrical topics in Death Metal are cliched to fuck. It's all been done to death and nothing is shocking anymore.. Satan worship being the worst of the bunch. This is only an opinion of course. haha

-What inspires your to make so sick music,some pot inspiration?

---- The continued endorsement of shite bands in the Metal press inspires us to be as ugly as we can. The overt technical twiddlings and excessive levels of computer trickery... FUCK OFF!! Yeah weed helps too haha

-Do you think to play any cover?

---- We have played loads of cover versions. Just live never recorded. The list includes: Winter - Servants of the Warsmen, Abscess - Mow you down, Celtic Frost - Procreation (of the wicked), Judas Priest - Breaking the Law,
Benediction - Artifcated Irreligion & Autopsy - In the Grip of Winter.

-does your record label interfere your album or your sound?

---- not a all. it's left to our on devices.

- How did you contact with Chris Reifert ?

---- Mainly through Sid being friends with him for years. Korpse contacted them via the PO BOX on address Severed Survival.. which Chris still uses. haha But i had been in contact with him via email for a year or so prior to our split.
It was me who was cheeky enough to ask the question! haha

- Debut LP has the art dedicated to Reifert. How does it feel to get supported by him ?

---- Yeah, Chris Reifert is the artist responsible for producing the cover art. It's sick as fuck.. he also did the Abscess split cover art. It's the most awesome feeling ever. To have you main peer & influence completely endorsing the noise you produce.

The fact he's such a mellow dude is totally humbling too.

- Debut split with Abscess followed by Bone Gnawer. How did you get in touch with them ? You play high hehe

---- I posted a comment on Kam Lee's myspace page saying our split with Abscess was out. He clearly read it and checked us out. Liked the idea of a clashing of the Bones' and so asked us if we'd do a split... who says no to Kam Lee? haha

- You know, wait a minute there is a great horror movie called “the wicker man” (1973) that takes place in a scot island, have you watched ? If yes, how do you criticise.

---- I watched it many years ago.. i can't remember a whole lot about it now. Sorry.

- Your lyrics contains mostly about gore. How do you get inspired about cannibalism ?

---- our lyrics are words we fit into the music. We often sit down together and listen to a recording of the track and figure out how the vocals should sound over the top and fit words around that. sometimes we have a topic in which to
"bear in mind" but more often than not the topic is realised once a few lines have been written. It's an odd process.. but it works for us.

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