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Audio Kollaps Interview

German Grinder Audio Kollaps interview

1.First of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats news in Audio Kollaps?

You´re welcome. Haven´t seen each other for a while, no practice and no gigs at the moment, we´re just trying to license some of our stuff to overseas labels. We are also busy playing in other bands at the moment: Guitar player Jens in "Magna Mortalis", bass player Andreas K. in "Franz Wittich" and drummer Björn in "Combat 77".

2.Your last album Panzer was great.How did fans react to ''Panzer'' album?

We got very positive response and also highly acclaimed critics in magazines and fanzines all over the world. Seems we did our tightest and heaviest album so far.

3.Did you begin working on a new album?

No, haven´t even written one new song, we need a break for a while.

4.Any live shows for Audio kollaps?

Not at the moment.

5.Your first band Recharge.Why did you need to change the name?

We didn´t want to continue as Recharge and play the old songs but start afresh with a new band name, new (harder) songs and lyrics. Seems it worked out.

6.the early days of Audio kollaps. How did you get started?

When Recharge split up, Jens, Andreas K. and Björn still wanted to continue playing extreme music together so we asked Kai and he agreed to be our singer of a new band.

7. Can you describe your sound and music?

Extreme: Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore Punk combined, with lyrics sung in German language.

8.Your lyrics are political and about war.How you are write lyrics?About future or looking to past?

We either write the lyrics seperately to the music or in direct context with it. We won´t give any solutions or preach wise messages but just point out corrupt or strange situations in everyday life.

9.Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Nasum, Rotten sound and Terrorizer are best for political lyrics with grind/death area.influenced by them?

Definitely but we have our own particular style.

10.German Thrash metal bands are very famous in worldwide and my best one Band is SODOM.Have you been influenced by German Thrash metal?

We have our main roots in hardcore punk and grindcore. The old 80s Thrash bands brought the metal and punk scene closer together and made way for the crossover bands that started later.

11.What's your favorite band? know any band from Turkey?

Favorite bands: Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower

Turkish bands: Cenotaph, Radical Noise and Antisilence

12.What you think about anarko punk?

It´s a certain way of life with an attitude. But punk in general doesn´t necessarily has to be anarko punk, there are various other ways as well. It depends on the individual person and what this person wants to achieve or create.

13.What is your favorite war movies and books?

Apocalypse Now. Can´t think of any books at the moment.

14.How is the day-by-day of the band´s members? What do you do for get money? Is it hard to live or survive in Germany?

Singer Kai does various jobs, guitar player Jens is still studying, bass player Andreas K. is on the dole and drummer Bjorn works as computer administrator and website designer. The economical situation is still a bit better than in most other countries. The scene is quite healthy, there are a lot of gig places and the general activities are mostly very high.

15.What you think about U.S.A and Barrack Obama?

Surely it´s difficult to run such a big country. If there is something to blame one can´t point a finger to one particular person or party. Obama seems to do a better job than his predecessors. But the government should not be so ignorant to other countries´ ideas or ways of life.

16.We know that Turk too many immigrants to live in germany right ta What do you think about it? Do you have Turk friends?

There are not many in the underground scene at all.

17.What is your opinion the european about union and nato economic crisis ?

The direct members of the union sometimes seem to forget reality. They decide on matters that doesn´t seem to fit in everyday´s life. They personally are too far away from it.

The fast as fuck section

Haribo: makes children happy, but also adults.

Grindcore: extreme music and lyrics

Gore: subgenre

Human: mostly not as intelligent as it seems

Animal: More rights for them

Nuclear weapon: Not necessary

Chaos: No order

At last Do you want to say someting for turkish fan?

Have a listen to our stuff at www.myspace.com/audiokollaps or www.audiokollaps.de. Live your life according to your own rules and not to other´s opinions or influences.

Thanks for interview and we keep up with Audio Kollaps.

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