19 Şubat 2011 Cumartesi

Funeral Mist - Jesus Saves!

Video taken from the movie "Passion of the Christ". As for the religious fanatics, it's not meant for you, so go elsewhere. I do not own copyright for the song itself, nor for the video clips, but this song is awesome and deserves to be heard.


And I took my staff
even Beauty
and cut it asunder...
Have you been into the fire?

Carved in stone or pissed in snow
The day will come!
The day will come!

A clean prayer from an unclean tongue
there is no life here...

Only different
ways to die
moth-eaten vows
of hollow pride
skin for skin, yea, skin for skin.

The wine of Sodom...
Gomorrah's fields...
Come, spill now forth the poison of dragons in the name of God!

Chasm from chasm

A thousand angel jubilation, and upon this rock I will build my church!

...And the sun of falsehood shall shine with trust
from the depths of Satan in the name of God!

O sweetest wormwood!
O glorious gall!
Yes sweet is the fruit that grows from the tree of bitterness.

The gall and the wormwood
the wormwood and the gall
a velvet kiss and a thousand knives of salt in thy cu*t!

And I took the sword
and brandished it twice...
Have you fed the mother of death?

A clean prayer from an unclean tongue,
this Guilt was old when the world was young.
Still shall innocence be my sign!
O LORD, why hast thou not forsaken me?

...And the sun of falsehood shall shine with trust
from the depths of Satan in the name of God!

Jesus saves!
Jesus saves!
Drink now his blood,
and kill in his name.

Let us pray!
Let us pray!
And prepare our snares for the promised day...

Jesus saves!
Jesus saves!
Eat now his flesh,
and inject the venom into his name...

A perfect wound
from a perfect blade,
the perfect deceit in a perfect world at the perfect day...

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