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Ass to Mouth interview

''Polish ass eater'' Ass to mouth interview...

1 first of all thank you for the interview. how is it going? whats new in ass to muth

Hello, well everything’s fine with us. We are currently working on some new stuff and playing some shows in the meantime, so I think this is rather typical for a regular band to do.

2 how was kiss ass reacted? we, hariboeaters, loved it

The reactions were very good, sometimes even better that we’ve expected. It gets really good reviews and responses from the people from different countries. We’re vere happy about it, considering the fact that we are not satisfied with final result in 100%, but this is our first record, some mistakes were done, and I think we’ve learnt our lesson well

3 you have a nice congruity in double vocal. its brutal, pigfuck and sometimes alike impetigo. what made you decide that way?

In fact, it was simply our two vocalists, who have rather different vocal styles. We didn’t want any of them to change it, and I think both of them, put together in one song, are really good working, and the final result is interesting and varied.

4 its hard to say ass to mouyh is similar like THAT band or sounds like THİS band. you're doing just great. well, how would you define ass to mouth

I think we’re simply grindcore band, infuenced by many different genres that we love – from death metal to punk rock.

5 which bands do you receive inspiration from?

From all the good bands that have the passion for what they do and heads full of good ideas. We’re infuenced by interesting, fast, straight and powerful music - these are all different bands for each one of us, so it’s hard to name only a few.

6 what do you do in your free times? do you got other side projects

Me and Jarek (vocals, bass) are working a lot, and we don’t have enough time for other bands, so Ass To Mouth is our main band. Jankes (vocals) plays with death/punk Creeping Corrupt and one other band, and Pablo (drums) plays in death metal band called Disarm.

7 what do you think about nowadays death-grind scene

I really don’t know how to answer this question only in couple sentences. I thinks it’s so great and varied, that all extreme sound lovers can find something interesting in it.

8 regular porn-cygergrind bands usually use humoristic and pornographic themes in lyrics. yet you did it for oldskool pure grind. and obviously its very succesfully. how was the comments about that?

I think it was really fine, we somehow wanted to mix those goregrind influences with pure oldschool gXc and I think it works really good. We don’t feel like telling serious stories in Ass To Mouth, it’s rather about having good fun and drinkin’ alcohol. There are a lot of great political/social/serious bands on grind scene, so there is no more place for us haha

9 what do you think about download?

I don’t have any problems with it. I may not like it, but I know that music from the “web” is the future now, and in a couple of years CD’s will become something like vinyls today, stuff to collect. If someone wants to support the band he likes he will do it, buying their merch, going to the show etc. I don’t feel that mp3’s are something terrifying, especially on an underground scene, where the is a huge human support.

10 polland extreme metal scene is improving day by day. what do you think? which bands do you listen in your country?

I like oldschool polish bands like Kat, Magnus, Betrayer, Necrophil, Violent Dirge and many others, also love old Vader stuff, last Antigama is really great, new Blindead record, and from strictly grind stuff Exit Wounds are my favourite lately.

11 polland ranks among the center of extreme music in europe. which bands did you have tour or shared a stage with

We toured with Squash Bowels, Parricide and Neuropathia. We also did some shows with Dead Infection, Epitome, Yattering, Exit Wounds, Vomigod and so on. Yes, we have quite fine extreme metal scene here.

12 which polland sourced bands do you listen or influence you?

All the bands that we’ve toured with – our friends! The are our inspiration, that this whole grindcore playing shit is worth of it

13 do you think politic issues shoul be in music?

Sure why not. If someone wants to do it and do it well, of course! Just look at Napalm Death for example. Nothing more to add

14 especially NSBM thematic bands exist a lot in polland. when you consider your history besides that, whats your respond for this situation

We don’t have anything in common with it, and we will never have. Of course we are aware that this problem exist, and that Poland is one of the most NSBM productive countries, I think the most popular NSBM polish band, Graveland, comes from our home town. Quite shitty. We piss on those bands and their racial and fascist beliefs, we’re all mentally punks, and we don’t understand this shit, and people that sometimes say – oh, they play cool music, never mind the lyrics, I don’t listen to them – bullshit. Fuck that scene. You have to be complete idiot to be NS/fascist or even racist in country like Poland.

15 what do you think about new metal-core bands? do you listen any of them

Hehe, yeah, I like Killswitch Engage and Bleeding Through for example, if this is what You call “metal-core” right now. I don’t listen to genres, I only listen to good music.

16.especially in your album 'motörhead-roadcrew' cover is well-done. in the future will you think to cover like this song ?

I think we’ll do some cool covering shit in future for sure, no worries

17.very good interview for us thanks for allow time.

Thank You for the interview! Hope to see You somewhere soon on our show. Cheers!

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