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Spanish zombies machetazo interview

Our zombiesh interview with spanish zombies MACHETAZO

-1.how did fans react to your new album Mundo Cripta ? ıt cooled us especially when weather is so hot:)
-By the way the reaction is slow, august is a slow month you know. The sales are shit, the album is getting a good response only in the virtual world and that's something I don't care.

-2.the band founded in 1994, a lot of members has changed to this day, is this a disadvantage for you?
-No, the member changes have been always for better.

-3. we know Chris Reifert drew your logo? how dis this happen?
-Machetazo and him are in close realation since the 90s. We released a split 7"/MCD years ago, and he even does lead vocals in one song of our album "Sinfonias del terror ciego".

-4.which machetazo album do you think is the most succeful? or which one most pleased you?
-"Trono de huesos" was the most succesful, but the new one "Mundo cripta" is our best and my fave so far.

-5.does your record label interfere your album or your sound?
-Of course NO.

-6.you changed many labels.are you happy with yours now?
-We didn't changed many labels, we were in Razorback records for three albumes and now with this fourth we're in Throne records, anyway a label we work with since many years releasing the vinyl editions of every album.

-7.here in turkey, we follow spanish death metal in spite of we dont know spanish but we think spanish is very suitable for death metal. latin death metal bands prefer to use their own language too of late years. what do you think about that?
-To growl in your own lenguage is the most logical thing to do, why the fuck must we use english if that's not how we usually speak?

-8.what do you think about latin-americo death-grind metal bands?
-Nowadays it's just like any other country scene, only a few good bands save from the general wave of boring shit. But gotta say they're the most blasphemous and evil.

-9.ın plenty of latin country,a lot of bands -which play similar kind of metal- come together in a mafia way, what do you think about that?
-I don't know anything about that.

-10.what do you think about usa death-grind?
-Great bands and awesome albumes in the late 80s/early 90s.

-11.what do you think has changed hitherto in deathgrind scene?what do you think about present?
-It's a lot different, true underground doesn't exist anymore, internet killed it.

-12.nowadays its easier to be involved in concerts or festıvals.can you tell us is there any certain dates about the next organizations?
-Can't remember about exact dates now, but I know we have booked some festivals for next year, something in Poland and Germany.

-13.which bands do you usually go on tour with?
-Usually with friends and bands we're in contact with.

-14.ıs there any chance that we see you here in turkey live?
-Honestly, I don't think so. Hard thing to do by the way, but of course hope to fly over there someday.

-15.you know any turkish band? ıf there, did you listen any of them or liked it?
-I used to be in contact with Cenotaph years ago.

-16. do you think it's an advantage downloading album especially for extreme-great bands?
-Downloading new albums sucks and kills the underground.
Only support downloads of out of print material or rare stuff.

17. do you think it's sincere myspace etc.?
-Myspace is a good and fast way to communicate but as any way of long-distance anonimous communication can be confusing.

-18.your influences motörhead, venom, celtic frost.except that, which bands are you inspired by?
-Autopsy and Repulsion rules ALWAYS.

-19.you played one song in impetigo-tribute album. ımpetigo is a big part of death-grind-horror. what is your idea?
-They were the horror metal pioneers.

-20.currently, there are some trend fans who have doubts about Venom,Sodom,Motorhead,Impetigo,Autopsy etc, or dont have any respect for them -also never got to their shows or buy their albums- ususally listening to the popular bands. what do you think about them?
-Fuck off and die. Don't care about such maggots. Musical roots are very important, without them you're nothing.

-21.now, lets take your opinions about horror culture. first of all which zombies do you like best spanish, usa, ıtalian?
-USA George Romero's zombies are my faves, "Day of the Dead" is my fave zombie flick ever.

-22.whats your favourite horror movie?
-There's a lot, can't chose only one, but "Day of the Dead" is one of them, I'm sure of that.

-23.did you like jesus franco's spectacular 'faceless'?
-Sorry I'm not into Jesus Franco, I preffer Amando De Osorio.

-24.which movie made you shudder most?
-Lately I really enjoyed "The Black Door", a fuckin' great movie about demonic possession.

-25.which do you think is the most succesful spanish horror movie?
-"Let sleeping corpses lie", the Blind Dead tetralogy, and
"Walpurgis night".

-26.thanks for the interview, finally do you want to say anything to your turkisf fans?
-You're welcome bro, thanx for the support. Hope to visit your country sooner or later, gotta taste that good hash you have there...

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